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Community Gardens

The battle for land,  to save it from further abuse and mismanagement is ongoing.  
Community gardens and food growing projects are on an urban front line at a time when changes in the way we value land are starting to be discussed.
The absolute sanctity of the soil and its part in our overall survival is scratching at the veil of climate change and screaming out to be heard in a consumer addicted and energy hungry society.  

Community gardens are pushing for an agenda which is now and is held in the hands of real people whose criteria are not financial. At Greenspace Management we work with community gardens and local people to provide design ideas and technical  support.

This might be in the form of short courses/ workshops or working on site offering practical community garden services and managing specific short term projects.
We currently work with  
Forest Gate Comunity Garden  - http://www.fgcommunitygarden.org
Hoxton Community Garden -

Greenspace Management