Gardening   in   Schools

There is something inherently good about gardening, it connects us with the living world and for most people is relaxing, slowing the pace of life.

For many children today the garden is the first and sometimes the only doorway through which they can experience the natural world. A tactile opportunity for exploration and learning beyond the computer and television screen.

Because we understand how important it is for children to interact with nature we have been providing stimulating gardening based environmentally focussed studies in schools and playcentres for well over a decade.

Our lessons and teaching methods are always evolving to 
suit the specific requirements of our clients and the children they teach.
Our tried and tested methods have helped many children learn about growing, caring for soil and making compost.

Linked to this is an understanding of why it matters as a part of the bigger picture, the interaction between humans and the living world, the connectedness of life. We teach the basic life skills of Organic Horticulture and soil care offering a tactile learning experience which is practical and enjoyable. Our inset training days have helped many teachers find ways to engage children of all ages and complex individual abilities in the living green environment.

As the plants grow so does the confidence and understanding of those children involved, they quickly absorb information finding their own pace and strengths. We know from experience and much research that learning in the outside environment is beneficial on many different levels, offering a range of experience and interaction seldom found elsewhere.

“When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.”
(Ofsted, 2008)

The OFSTED report on "learning outside the classroom" of 2008 laid the foothold for the expansion of outdoor learning possibilities. 2016 saw the government moving closer towards all children learning food growing/gardening as part of the curriculum.
This was a powerful and positive change which could if implemented properly  in the long term have a quantifiable effect on the overall standards of education in this country.

We would love to help your school make gardening and interaction with nature part of your school day and curriculum, contact us with any questions or for further information.

During 2019 we are working with Chobham Academy in Stratford, Woodgrange Primary and Godwin Junior school to improve and instgate use of the schools garden areas.

Greenspace Management