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G r o w i n g  F o o d

Growing food is becoming part of sustainable modern living and can be an exciting and educational part of school life.

Fresh, nutritious, tasty, fruit and vegetables are once again becoming a part of the way we live. People are starting to cook again and our understanding of nutrition and health provides us with new challenges.  Skills of old are being relearned and updated in line with Organic sustainable practices.

We provide assemblies and easy to understand practical help. From preparing soil to advice about plants or creating a new growing area. Pests and pest control, companion planting, crop rotation, organic methods and harvesting.  We can plant orchards and soft fruit or help you achieve a productive vegetable patch.
This could be in the ground or in any number of containerised options according to your requirements and situation.  
We offer workshops and assemblies for all ages and abilities on setting up a garden and can take you through from design to harvesting.

If you want to grow food let us help you do it.
Our work helped St John The Baptist School in Hoxton become the first urban school to win Bronze-Silver-Gold Food For Life awards in the early years of the scheme. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/telegraphtv/3538615/Inner-city-school-school-dinner-case-study.html

We have grown fresh healthy food in a number of schools including
Lauriston Primary, Richard Cloudesley and Tower Bridge Primary.
Our work with Lauriston School won them Best Community Food Growing Project with Hackney In Bloom over two years.

We work with schools to make food growing and related topics such as soil, water, carbon, waste and composting a part of the curriculum .  Linking the whole process under the umbrella of biodiversity allows a broad and connected educational remit which suits children and teachers alike.

Currently - 2019 - we are working with Godwin Junior School and Wodgrange Primary School in Forest Gate 

Greenspace Management