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What  we  offer

Based in London we work with schools, community groups/gardens, play associations and individuals to engage them with the natural living environment.

Our work includes food growing and environmental improvement projects, training and education as well as designing and creating beautiful private gardens.

Greenspace Management is all about the living green environment, its biodiversity and its long term sustainable welfare.  
From sensitive habitat conservation and restoration to urban greenspace creation. Caring for that which is extant and creating sustainable new green spaces for education, work and relaxation. 

We believe that the green environment is the unique and irreplaceable root of life, such fragility and complexity demands of us the very best attention in every situation.

Our design work is always based around the existing environment and our impact on it is carefully considered and selectively implemented.
We can provide a full design and construction service and or planting plans for any kind of garden or wildlife area.

We do our best to provide an organic, environmentally accountable service with use of recycled and or sustainable locally sourced materials wherever possible.

We are stimulating and innovative in our approach and efficient, caring and professional in its implementation.

We offer a broad range of focussed educational and technical support services working with people all age groups and abilities.